SEO for Local Virginia Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

Search Engine inquiries begin with keywords, however your determined rank is determined by many other factors. Page speed, site responsiveness, site click-thru-rate, original content images, meta tags, schema markup, web snippet description…these are just a few important qualities of SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization is the language your site uses to communicate with Search Engines. Your on-site SEO will determine if your site will rank within the 8.5 available spots on the first page. Over 90% of search inquires end on page one. Which means, potential clients searching for your business services will either click on an organic listing (40.9%), choose to select a paid ad (2%) or decide not to click on any listings at all and just start a new search (57.1%).  (Moz)

Why is SEO important?

Local residents perform thousands of searches a day. Strategically implemented SEO places your business in front of those actively searching for your services.

Search engine optimization allows Google, Bing and Yahoo to understand what your small business offers and the locations you service. If search engines understand you, potential clients will find you.  Our freelance web design services incorporate SEO into the very design of every custom website. If your business currently has a website, but you would like to find out if/how it could perform better, consider our free analysis. We analyze not only your website, but also your business presence online. If you are a local business without a website currently, you can narrow down your exact website and digital marketing needs and receive a custom quote here.